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First Friday at The Port Gallery!

1004809_10100675372759488_2007700547_n Tomorrow Night! I am excited to say that I will have a couple of my favorite pieces up at the Port Gallery for Tomorrow's First Friday in Oakland!

RAW Seattle

SeattleSetup The Seattle RAW Showcase was better than I could have imagined. Like with all the RAW shows, it was fun and entertaining. Showcases are awesome opportunities to connect with other artists but they are even more rewarding when people connect with your art in a meaningful way. I walked away with some added motivation and well... let's just say it is getting harder and harder to come to my 9-5 every day (don't get me wrong, I am extremely lucky to have the wonderful job that I do). I have just about a month left til another semester starts and I am both frightened and excited in the best possible way.

On the bright side...

Sunday my Macbook was stolen. The computer itself, as amazing as it is, I can live without. It is the 3,000+ photos I lost, including but not limited to every picture I've ever taken of my art and my niece. As devastated as I am, I am trying my best to look on the bright side. I now have motivation to bring my camera everywhere and retake better quality photos of the art I still have in posession. On the even brighter side, I am showing some pieces in the Pancakes and Booze SF showcase Saturday, July 13th : https://www.facebook.com/events/343209689113248

My new pieces are near and dear to my heart and I'm pretty excited to show them. I tried some new things (new for me) and am happy to see progress.  Hope to see lots of my loved ones there!

Ghost Owl

Came across this awesome video of a local artist, Ghost Owl. [vimeo http://vimeo.com/66202196]

I am a fan of his work and the process of murals using spray paint has always intrigued me. Lately I feel my art taking on different forms but I want to get back to the roots of my inspiration and take a stab at using spray cans for more than just intriguing backrounds. Add that to my list of "To Do's" by the end of the summer.

RAW San Jose

The RAW San Jose showcase was a lot of fun!! Thank you to everyone that came out!



Past, Present, & Future... Immediate future that is!

Pancankes & Booze was a lot of fun! It was incredible to see the variety of artists and a gallery full of talent! I just uploaded some new pieces to the "Art" section. Some new pieces I am quite proud of!

I am going to be setting up a booth at the Fireside lounge in Alameda tomorrow night. A good friend of mine, Expel, will be DJing the event. It should be a lot of fun!


And tonight I will be doing a walk through for the RAW San Jose March show I'll be participating in... which, along with school, will consume most of my energy for the next couple of weeks and I'm super excited!

More information and tickets here:


Pancakes & Booze

I will be showing some pieces at the Pancakes and Booze art show this weekend in SF! I will have 5 older pieces and 5 new ones that I am pretty excited about. Pancakes and booze 2012


I was lucky enough to show my work at the RAW artists showcase in San Francisco on October 25th along side many very talented and wonderful artists. RAW is truly an amazing support system and their shows are amazing!



New Semester

Started my second semester at the Academy of Art Univeristy last week. My last semester was an accelerated summer session which makes this semester seem far less overwhelming. My teacher for the figure drawing course is an artist residing in Brooklyn. I am ready and eager to work towards being as talented as she is.



Windup Bird Gallery

This past weekend I ventured out to the Sausalito Art Festival. It was not what I had anticipated but much more pleasing. There were a ton of extremely talented artists showing their work (far more then I expected). I did not realize the festival was so big.  I had a couple of favorites but was only able to grab the card of one; Irena Siwek.

A picture of her work (especially one this small) does not do her justice. The amount of detail laid down in ink was astonishing.

Check out more of her work at www.spaceartdesign.com


Magic Circus

Mark Ryden is in my favorite artists category for sure. His work is hauntingly beautiful and I can only aspire to be as amazing as he is.

"Magic Circus"  - Detailed, creepy and cute! I love this piece.

"Fountain" - another favorite of mine from his "Blood" collection.


Just some afternoon motivation to take me into the weekend.

Moonrise Kingdom

I seen the movie Moonrise Kingdom a couple months ago and loved it (as I do all Wes Anderson movies). It is my goal to do a piece inspired by this film (which could take a while with a new semester starting).