The past year has flown by and kept me rather busy. I did not produce nearly as much art as I would have liked to over the past year but in ways spent all that time away creating my greatest work of art yet! My son, Jordan, was born in November of last year and things have been extremely busy and exciting. He is an amazing little guy and being his mom has fulfilled me in ways I could have never imagined. I hope some day he enjoys art as much as I do and maybe even paints or creates art of his own! As a proud mama, I have to share his sweet little face (of course!)



I spent a lot of my art time sketching out things I want to paint as well as painting abstracts. I am just now getting in the groove of being back to work and being a mom, finally finding the time to paint which I am excited about. I did create some forest critters for my sons nursery which were a lot of fun to paint. 


Another big project for me last year was wrapping up my Bachelor's Degree in Graphic Design. Now that I have that under my belt, I am looking to take on more graphic design work. This year I am hoping to line up some new art shows and am really excited to get started on a ton of new art!