Well, it's that time of year again! I will be participating in this year's Art Fair at the Public Health Institute in Oakland and I'm really excited about the new pieces I will have available!! PHI Arts and Crafts Fair flyer 2015 final

I've said it before but, often times, life gets in the way and my painting takes a back seat so I love when I have an event coming up because it gives me the push to create.

Since I know that art is not for everyone (as in not everyone likes to actually own originals or purchase them which it totally understandable), I like to make my art available in other forms that make it more accessible for everyone. I thought it was time for some new t-shirt and necklace designs! I am super excited to have them available at the art fair on December 11th!

Here are my two new tees:

And a peek at my new necklaces that I am pretty excited about:


I will also have some new paintings available as well. I just finished a painting of Snow White that I am quite proud of:


I think this Art Fair will be a nice close out to 2015 and I already feel like it will give me the momentum I need to go into 2016 refreshed and ready to paint (it's going to be quite a busy and exciting year for me)!