I want to be a full time artist, badly. But patience is most certainly a virtue... along with a stellar worth ethic and drive. I am fully aware that there is a chance I will never make a living as an artist. I will certainly not make financially what I make as an Administrative Coordinator... Some days that depresses me and other days it motivates me. I want to paint more, blog more about art, market my work more, etc etc.... All of which takes a great deal of time and effort. So some days, it feels like I have a second full time job in art and it can be (at times) dauntingly exhausting.

Art is hard to sell. I'm not creating pieces that are for everyone nor am I out to make a ton of money or appeal to the masses. I do it for me. I only wish I could do it every day all day because it's all I think about. I am interested in making a living off of it so that I can be the happiest version of myself. Art is a passion I cannot shake no matter how hard I try.

As a creative, I can be incredibly critical of myself. In all honesty, there are a lot of days where I want to give up. It takes time and money and you have to be incredibly resourceful and motivated to make it work. But there are days that humble me beyond words and make me extremely grateful. Selling original paintings does not happen often, but when it does.... well words cannot describe the feeling. For someone to connect with a painting and make the decision to spend money they earned on something I created - well, that is just incredible.

This morning I shipped this painting off to her new home in New York! This painting is quite near and dear to me. I must admit that some paintings are just created based on little intrigues, completely void of a deeper meaning, while others are a complete window into my soul. The title of this painting, "Bringing my sinking ship back to the shore," is a lyric from a song that hit me like a ton of bricks during a time of hardship. This painting is a product of that and one that I am proud of. So today, I said farewell to a beloved piece and did so with a full heart and hope that the new owner is more than pleased upon receiving it.

In other news, I have a ton of things sketched out and ready to paint but the overwhelming amount of new ideas along with a desire to experiment has put me and my art in an anxious and interesting phase. If only I were able to paint 8 hours a day instead of come to my desk job. ::sigh::