SFEtsy_Holiday_vendor_v1 Sometimes, you just need a little creative push or something to set your soul on fire in the best possible way. For me, that is an art event. Life gets in the way sometimes or plain and simply gets you down, creating moderate to severe creative fatigue. I have been experiencing such fatigue lately and definitely needed a push! And I got a big one!

I am SUPER excited to be a vendor at this year's SFEtsy Holiday Emporium! Now that I have re-sparked some creativity, I have a lot to accomplish over the next few weeks, including a ton of painting, crafting an eye-catching display booth and finding a place to produce solid yet inexpensive prints! I have already begun making some new necklaces and just last week designed and sent off for printing 3 new t-shirt designs.

I am also really excited about the other vendors and the potential to do some holiday shopping that weekend! So, I hope to be posting very exciting sneak peeks, assuming life doesn't become all-consuming and get in the way along the road.