My intent when initially starting a website/blog was to not only have a place to feature my work, but to also have a place to blog about art. Of course, life has gotten in the way more times than I expected, but I don't want to make excuses any longer. I want to be far more involved in my passionate pursuit to be a working artist. So just what makes an artist a "working" artist and when can I quit my day job? Seems far-fetched as things stand currently in my life. I need to work to put myself through school and I made the decision to go back to school and focus on art in the hopes that a Fine Art degree would at least land me in the field that I love someday. All the while trying to maintain other spheres of my life. And this is not meant to come off as complain-y as I'm sure it does because I recognize that it could always be worse and there will always be someone in life with more on their plate than me, etc., etc.... I just feel stuck in a loop/ rut of sorts. But! I have an opportunity to turn that around...

For the past 3+ years I have worked as an Administrative Coordinator for a non-profit organization on a Federal Grant. Now this was originally intended to be a 5 year grant, but like many things in life, that was not a guarantee. I had a 5 year plan. A plan to save up money and build up what I could in terms of an artist presence. Things have moved slower than I had hoped but patience truly is a virtue and I am proud (no matter how diminutive) of my accomplishments thus far. Well, long story short, funding for our project was eliminated and thus come December 29th, 2014, I will be jobless unless of course I do something about it. This is not good timing..... Or is it?

I wish I could say I will then become a full time artist and live out my dream even if I do have to live off of top ramen for a while.... but bills need to be paid, and I am far too paranoid to live so frivolously. So for the past couple of months, while on the hunt for a new position, I have found myself pondering two things; first, where do I belong in the job world and second, what type of job could support me while also helping to advance my art career in some way? Naturally, there are several factors that come into play such as current job experience, degree, qualifications and so on. The only thing I know for sure, really, is that this can be a positive opportunity. This can be the turning point from aspiring artist to just plain old artist.

This will hopefully start with blogging more, painting more, becoming more involved in my community's art scene.... all around just more! So I start this journey of more art with this blog post and close this post with a picture of some of most recent work, as well as a shameless plug for the RAW show happening this week!


RAW Flyer